An “Activated Asana” Workshop Series Presented by
Barbara Leah Meyer

Activated Asana is a new style of yoga.

Activated Asana is a new style of yoga that blends the most up-to-date strategies of the world of Movement Science with everything you love about the yoga practice.

It’s takes the best ideas from the world’s top physiotherapists, athletic coaches, and fascia researchers and seamlessly integrates them into a yoga practice filled with postures that everyone can do.

This synergy creates a potent experience which teaches the yoga student how to use their body efficiently in all physical activities and sets them on the path towards a strong, injury proof body in their later years.

Who is This For?

This workshop series is perfect for students with inquisitive minds who want to take their practice to the next level by using the “best practices” from the world of Movement Science. 

Activated Asana teaches you the same rigorously tested movement principles used by top athletes who want to perform at their best and 82 year old seniors who want to get rid of their knee pain.

This is so much more than a day of yoga!

It’s chock full of life changing information that you will use every day for the rest of your life!

Activated Asana Framework 3:

The Law of PriorityStability First!

Next Workshop: Sunday, June 2: 1:00 – 4:30 pm

at Wellness Within, St. Albert



$125.00 Early bird pricing until May 22nd.

This 3.5 hr workshop focuses on:

  • The Law of Priority – working with the Biological Laws of the body & understanding why it is so important to focus on Stability First.
  • Setting our Course – setting our compass to lead us down the right path and achieve the outcomes that we want.
  • Improving our Movement Life – getting better at yoga and at everything else that we do!

Why you should come – Get the best results from your practice – Activated Asana is the way! 

Who it’s for – Newbies, experienced yogis and everyone in between. Start off right, make progress fast and heal your body.
What you will learn – Activated Asana uses the Biological Laws to guarantee the best outcomes. Set yourself on a path towards a strong, injury-proof body that lasts a lifetime.

Activated Asana Framework 2:

Injury Free Yoga!

Next Workshop: TBA

at Wellness Within, St. Albert

This 3.5 hr workshop focuses on:

  • Everything you need to know about yoga injuries
  • Healing and prevention
  • The strategy for staying injury free in yoga

Why you should come:

To set yourself on a path towards a strong, injury-proof body that lasts a lifetime.

Who it is for:

New and experienced yogis who want to know the secrets of staying injury free while enhancing their practice.

What you will learn:

Learn the immutable rules the body plays by and why it seeks a balance between “stress and rest”.

Find your “sweet spot” where your resilience is built and new skills come easily to you.

Learn the key methodology to assist the body in healing old injuries and preventing new ones.

So how do we tune our compass so it will lead us down the right path?

  • Understand the 5 Biological Laws of the Body.
  • Apply a methodology based on the Laws that ensures you can build your strength and movement skill.
  • Be present in your body and FEEL.
  • Be honest with yourself and LISTEN – become adept at noticing when it’s time to forge ahead or take a moment’s rest.

Activated Asana Framework 1:

Skillful Movement & High Performance Aging

Next Workshop: TBA

at Wellness Within, St. Albert

This 3.5hr workshop focuses on the two key outcomes of Activated Asana.

Skillful Movement

Skillful Movement is the body’s ability to intuitively move with strength and grace – regardless of whether you are doing yoga, hiking, or pulling a piping hot turkey out of the oven! Activated Asana teaches students the art and science of Skillful Movement applied to classic yoga postures, which can then be taken into all other physical activities. 

High Performance Aging

High Performance Aging is the long term outcome of practicing Activated Asana. It keeps the body strong, injury proof, and ready to last a lifetime. This isn’t something that happens by accident (or luck)! That’s why the Activated Asana postures have been selected to best prepare us for a future full of the joyful, meaningful experiences that a confident, strong and vibrant body can bring.


You Will Learn:

  • How the quality of your entire life is dictated by your “Circle of Safety” – the activities your body feels safe doing. This Circle will naturally shrink over time unless you know how to maintain and expand it!
  • Why a practice that focuses on softening, relaxing and letting go doesn’t create a strong, injury proof body that ensures you can keep doing the things you love.
  • A unique movement system called “Organization & Activation”, which can be applied to all physical activities you do to ensure maximum safety and strength (and I really mean ALL physical activities – from gardening to waterskiing).

What’s In Store:

  • A thought provoking lecture on the Modern Movement Crisis, the difference between Junk Movement and Nutritious Movement, and how to ensure your yoga practice is putting you on the path towards High Performance Aging.
  • A fun experiential exercise that introduces the primary drills in the Organization & Activation system (you’ll use these in everything from climbing stairs to standing in line at the grocery store to ice skating).
  • A full Activated Asana sequence that grounds all of the day’s lessons into the body.

By the end of this workshop, your body will be saying “Psst…can we move like this all the time? It feels really good!”

It’s chock full of life changing information that you will use every day for the rest of your life!






“I have been doing yoga daily for 6+ years and felt that if I didn’t stretch daily my arthritic hips and my tight hamstrings would not be happy. However, with time, I was not seeing improvement and, in fact, my hips and hamstrings were aching more and more. Sleep was becoming a problem and I was using a massage gun and A535 regularly. Then I signed up for a workshop on Activated Asana by Barbara Leah Meyer and my world changed. After this course, plus participating in some of her Saturday morning classes, I have learned that pushing myself to get deeper into the pose, and really stretching out my hips was what was hurting me. Now having the understanding learned from Barbara, I need to activate my muscles in the asanas and build up my strength in these poses so that I am not stressing out my joints. I would highly recommend taking a course from Barbara on Activated Asana. She was very thorough in her explanations and demonstrations, making it all very easy to understand. It was a game-changer.” Leona Cook (yogi)

“Attending this workshop provided me with a new way to look at movement. This is for anyone who wants to learn more about how everyday movements can become more intentional and prevent injury for the future. Barbara is a great facilitator and shares her passion and knowledge in a way that makes the experience welcoming and engaging.” Larissa Paul (Yoga Instructor)

“I had to walk across icy parking lots this week, and I was amazed by how confident my body was when I activated those legs and feet! Also, when I’ve been standing in my usual bad posture at school and my back starts to ache, I know how to turn on a much safer and comfortable posture… That is the key that I absolutely needed.” Kelly Collins (elementary school teacher)

“A wonderful course for everybody who practices yoga or teaches yoga. Barbara is just so wonderful and so knowledgeable and I really enjoyed today. I will definitely be taking this into my teaching and my practice.” Michele Isaac (Yoga Instructor)

“I attended Barbara’s  Activated Asana – Skillful Movement and High Performance Aging Workshop in February. Barbara is so inviting and provides a beautiful experience to share and learn. The information was valuable and something I could take away and apply to my yoga practice and my daily activities including housework, gardening, walking and hiking. Leading with compassion and acceptance, Barbara was open to sharing and listening to personal experience and took the time to address me and others individually during our learning and practise. Barbara passionately shares her knowledge to guide her students in achieving an active health span for many years to come.” Susan Brooks (Yoga Instructor)

“Being a Leader and Trainer in the Fitness and Wellness industry for 46 years I am always seeking the latest in research, approaches & ideas through workshops.  I came across BARBARA LEAH MEYER’s upcoming workshop series – Activated Asana – and the entire series triggered my interest. I participated in the first of three – Skillful Movement and High Performance Aging – and it was a fantastic learning experience.  Barbara’s facilitation skills, knowledge and delivery in both the theory and practical were exceptional. I gained meaningful information to use in my classes. I would recommend any workshop or classes facilitated by Barbara and I cannot wait for the second one of the series and more to come in the future!” Gina Geres (Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer)